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CEO, MOC Capital Berhad


  • Former-CEO, Commerce Net Singapore 2000-2010

  • Consulting Partner, CNSG consulting group, Singapore

  • Founding Partner, Shyan Associates, Singapore

  • Co-founder, Orientis VC, South Africa

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"Everything happens twice. First in your mind, second in reality."

Dr Wong Jeh Shyan has vast experiences as a venture capitalist for the development and listing of businesses on various stock exchanges.


His professional specialty includes sophisticated financial modeling and business model development. He is also well-known for aggressive merger and acquisition techniques and innovative financial engineering, leading complicated cross-national boundary pilot project management that focus on high-risks catalyst/strategic ventures. He has led in executing fund raising, investor relations activities, instituting corporate financial control over portfolio companies.


Currently, Dr Wong sits on the board of various investment holding companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Pakistan, South Africa and China. He has indirect interests in more than 10 private equity and venture capital firms in China. He also sits on the Board of Advisor (CS & IT) in institute of Business and Tchnology (Biztek) Karachi and advises the Dadabhoy institute of Higher Education in Karachi.


Dr Wong was specially invited as a VIP speaker on Capital MechanismTM for 21st APEC,june 2014.


He also authored the tertiary education curriculum in E-commerce for tertiary education institutions, Special Diploma Program, Intellectual Property training courses and EMBA courses for international universities.




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